The only voice you need for your Hispanic political campaigns.

As a Chicana and the daughter of Mexican immigrants, Jessica is passionate about comprehensive immigration reform because she understands firsthand the struggles that many immigrants and their American children face. Her passion for this issue and the values of the Democratic Party shine through in her performances, influencing change with her voice. Jessica is bilingual, and her perfect blend of Chicana sound, Mexican Spanish, and accented American English are ideal for capturing the essence of your campaign. From presidential campaigns to local races, her voice embodies the sound of diversity in America today.

She is an award winning professional voice actor with many years of experience and has a broadcast-quality studio equipped with professional recording equipment and remote recording capabilities, such as Source-Connect, Skype, Zoom, and phone patch. Let Jessica be the voice of the most important presidential campaign in our history.

Political voice over

Ready to elevate your political message with the captivating voice of Jessica? Contact now and let her dynamic narration bring optimal success to your campaign or political event!

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